Monday, July 11, 2011

SEE launches Policy Booklet 4

The SEE project, led by Design Wales, has recently launched SEE Policy Booklet 4, which examines the role of design in bringing innovative ideas to market in the context of i) new product and service development; ii) design support for SMEs and iii) national design systems.

i) Section one demonstrates that design features not only at intermittent points in the innovation process but can form part of every aspect of the process from generating new product and service concepts and understanding user needs to a product’s production, use and ultimate disposal.

ii) Section two describes the lessons learnt during the course of the SEE project in delivering design support programmes focused on enabling industry to develop new products and services.

iii) Section three contextualises the role of design support programmes within the broader national system for design, which includes other elements that make up a nation or regions’ design resources and actors.

Since design is increasingly highlighted in innovation policies (such as the European Commission’s strategy Innovation Union), mapping regional and national design systems can enable policy-makers to identify opportunities and obstacles in the way actors interact within the system in order to develop better programmes and policies.

SEE is a network of 11 European partners exploring how to integrate design into regional and national innovation policies. Electronic copies of all our publications are available to download from the SEE website:

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