Thursday, March 22, 2012

Co-Design Policy Workshop - Brussels

Design Wales took part in the Co-Design Policy Workshop in Brussels organised by the European Design Innovation Initiative (EDII). The EDII is coordinated by the European Commission to help understand the role design can play in future European innovation policies and must produce recommendations in June this year - this workshop was part of that process.

Led by Chritian Bason of Mind Lab in Denmark the list of 69 attendees included designers, architects, design & innovation centres, academics and policy makers from right across Europe. The three key challenges set for the day were;
  • The design innovation process for the benefit of society, enterprisesand the public sector.
  • How to develop Europes design competencies and knowledge for the twenty first century.
  • How to valorise design & "Made in Europe".
The ideas produced will now be sorted, reviewed and distributed to the attendees before some of them hopefully find their way into the recommendations made in June and ultimatly into future European policy.