Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Three questions on design policy for the Philippines.

Tonight (15th March) we were able to contribute to an event taking place in the Philippines called: The State of Philippine Design.
In preparation the event organiser, Brian Tenorio, asked us three questions about design policy. Rather than fly out there we were able to make a short film that he could edit for the event.

The three questions he asked were:

1. Would you think that having a Design Policy -- or design policies -- in a developing country such as the Philippines help in National Development? If yes, how?
2. What are the special concerns in Design Policy Initiatives and Formation that may be specific to Developing Countries (and, even more specifically, the Philippines)?
3. What advice can you give to the different representatives from the design industries, academe, government trade offices, and businesses present in this forum regarding Design Policy work? Regarding Design as a tool for National Development? Regarding Design as a provider of sustainable strategic advantage for a country?

You can find a raw version of the film on you-tube (its about about 14 minutes long so grab a coffee before you start).