Monday, October 11, 2010

New Service Design Programme for Wales

Design Wales have always been supporters of new approaches to design; so when service design first came into prominence we were right there to support it. Our first foray into this emerging sector took the form of a document called 'Design Matters; Design For Service' which was published in September 2008. The document explored some of the trends at that time and presented a two case studies from Max Bank and The Baltic.

Design Wales also worked with Engine Service Design to produce a document called Design For Service, this was a much more detailed look into how service could benefit SME's in Wales, the three vision case studies are particularly useful for any business looking into service design.

The next stage of work has just started with Design Wales sucessfully proposing to the Welsh Assembly Government that they deliver a service design support programme - focussed on supporting he use of service design in industry as well trying to develop a strong cluster of regional expertise. It's a very exciting piece of work and a programme that will benefit Welsh Design and wider industry in the form of jobs, the economy and the international reputation of these sectors.

Personally I’m really pleased to see such a progressive move from the Welsh Assembly Government and look forward to working towards an internationally recognised hub of service design excellence here in Wales.

If you would like to find out more about the programme then have a look at our web page or follow @SD_Wales on twitter.

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