Friday, July 23, 2010

Practical insight to design careers from the DESIGN WALES FORUM

The audience.
Professional "mingling" after the interviews.
The panel.

We’ve been receiving great feedback about the Design Wales Forum event we held earlier this week (20th July) at the Wales Millennium Centre.

"Help I’m a graduating designer…what do I do next"?
brought together a panel of established creative professionals from the design sector in Wales to talk about their career paths since graduation to provide insight to those just finishing their degree. The panel revealed their personal stories whilst being interviewed, chat-show style, by Design Wales Forum Coordinator Victoria Jones. If there were common threads about how their creative careers had developed, it was probably in maintaining a singular focus and desire to work in the creative sector. This along with making sure they were ready to take advantage of every opportunity they came across – which frequently came from unexpected places and had results they could never have foreseen.

After a rapid 90 minutes of interviews the audience, panel and Design Wales team were encouraged to “mingle”, swapping contact details and exchanging ideas – because you never know where your next opportunity or even a possible business partner might come from!

We have to thank the panel for their time and being prepared to tell their personal professional stories. They were:

Felicity Sawkins (fashion),

Carla Reynolds (ceramics and creative business advice),

Dominic Eggbeer (product design and research),

Tim Harling (graphic design),

Kate Vaughan (copywriter),

Ollie Wells, (interactive media),

Emma Luczyn (interactive media)

This event was a partnership between the Design Wales Forum and the Wales Millennium Centre, who expertly provided the venue, sound engineer and house staff.

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