Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Helping to develop Design Support in Scotland.

Design Wales spent yesterday facilitating a workshop for key design stakeholders in Scotland. At the invitation of Scottish Enterprise we prepared a programme of activities for key stakeholders from the public, private and education sectors to explore the potential need, scope and objectives in developing a design support programme for the Scottish Enterprise region.

Scotland has a strong track record in running design related events, festivals and programmes and could have undertaken the workshop themselves; but Design Wales were brought in to initially provide an overview of the state of design support across Europe as a benchmark and then to prepare activities and facilitate a workshop to explore the potential for design support in the region.

The activities provided a framework for broad and in-depth discussion, which was captured on pre-prepared worksheets that will now be reviewed as the basis for a workshop report to be provided to Scottish Enterprise.

With a mixture of classic and modern architecture, Glasgow is always a pleasure to visit and yesterdays mild weather had plenty of people sitting outside cafes enjoying the sun -even if they were still in their coats. Pictured above: Glasgow City Chambers on George Square and the Clyde Arc Bridge.

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